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About Omni

How it all started…

In June of 2020, I started working as a Business Systems Analyst for a small, but quickly growing litigation services firm that needed system solutions, fast. With COVID in full swing and the majority of their staff now working remotely, we had to re-think everyday business processes and the systems they were carried out in. 

I knew that even after I worked out designs for new systems, we didn’t have the time or budget to develop them. That’s when I discovered Airtable and Stacker, and the game was forever changed. With these two incredibly powerful and dynamic platforms, I was able to not only develop the systems we had designed but integrate them with the current systems in place. Building these systems using Airtable and Stacker saved the firm time and money while putting dynamic and scalable systems in place that will continue to meet the firm’s needs as they grow

After launching their systems, I decided to launch Omni Integrated Systems so I could start helping hundreds of other businesses utilize these and other powerful platforms to reach their goals.

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